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Chemical Process Pumps
ANSI and ISO Standard Pumps
As Sole Scottish Distributors for Flowserve Pumps, CAE supply & service a complete range of ASME B73 and ISO 2858-5199 end suction chemical process pumps. The offering includes shaft sealed and sealless magnetically driven pumps, long and close coupled models, and both metallic and non-metallic materials options.
Pump types include:
1. Standard
2. Low-flow
3. Dynamically sealed
4. Utilizing self-priming
5. Recess. Ded impeller
6. In-line

7. Vertical sump

8. Magnetic

chemical process pumps

CPX ISO Standard
Operating parameters
1. Flows to 1400m3/h (6150 gpm)
2. Heads to 250m (820ft)
3. Temperatures to 350oC (660oF)
4. Pressures to 25 bar (365psi)

close 7 long coupled magdrive pumps

Close and Long Coupled Magdrive Pumps
Operating parameters
1. Flows to 375m3/h (1650 gpm)
2. Heads to 215m (700ft)
3. High Temperatures design to 290oC (550oF)
4. Pressures to 25 bar (365psi)

mk3 asme standard pump

Mark 3 - ASME Standard
Operating parameters
1. Flows to 1680m3/h (7400 gpm)
2. Heads to 300m (985ft)
3. Temperatures to 370oC (700oF)
4. Pressures to 24 bar (350psi)

cpxp self priming mk3

CPXP Self-Priming and Mark III
Unitized Self-Priming
Operating parameters
1. Flows to 320m3/h (1400 gpm)
2. Head to 120m (400ft)

do your pumps conform to the new atex regulations

atex approved

Atex approved

Pump Designs
Flowserve offers a wide range of complimentary pump types, built to recognized global standards and customer specification.
These include:
1.Single stage end suction. 2.Between bearing single stage
3.Between bearing multistage
5.Submersible motor
7.Positive Displacement - plunger
10. Concrete volute

optional configurations of pump designs

Optional Configurations
Sealed and sealless
Axially and radially split
Volute and diffuser
Close coupled and long coupled
Single and double casing

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