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Water Supply & Drainage

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Clyde Associated Engineers Ltd has been closely involved with the various water companies which have now been amalgamated as Scottish Water over a long number of years.
We specialise in ensuring that we carry stock pumps to ensure that our clients are covered in the event of breakdowns in particular with municipal users that require next or same day service.

vertical multistage

Vertical Multistage

Vertical multistage pumps offer low flow high head applications at high efficiency and low long term operating costs.

The Hydrovar variable speed unit can save energy The Hydrovar does much more than just change motor speed. It truly manages your pump performance to match a wide range of system conditions, allowing energy savings of up to 70% in some applications.

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pressureisation sets

Pressurisation Sets

Built in our Clydebank works the vertical multistage pumps can be packaged with 2,3,4 pump units controlled via a pressure transducer with constant or variable speed
pumps timed or coupled with a surge tank.

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Submersible Drainage Pumps

CAE carry a range of submersible drainage pumps in stock that run off 240 volt single phase and are controlled via a float switch or 415volt 3 phase which run on on/off control.

borehole water supply

Borehole Water Supply

Multistage centrifugal submersible borehole pump running between 2 to 12” boreholes for water supply and irrigation applications.

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