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Waste Water Treatment

Grinders & Pump Packages


Series F Muncher

Series F Muncher ©

A heavy duty range of high torque, slow speed grinders designed to process sewage screening and biowaste materials. Grinding screenings and returning to flow/digestion has shown up to 15% increase in gas yield and considerable savings in disposal costs.

Capacity range 0-5m3/h in sewage screenings, Motor power up to 18.5kW(11 & 7.5kW).

Two sizes of high speed centrifugal macerators suitable for raw sewage applications. To ensure long life the mechanical seal runs in an oil bath external to the process liquid. Tri-hammer impeller design reduces vibration and allows easy removal for maintenance purposes.

Capacity range 0-15m3/h in raw sewage. Ask for brochure ref SLWP/007

Pump Packages

Grifter Packaged Pump Stations
Complete “one-stop” packaged Pump Station ideal for remote cottages, country houses and small office developments.

The macerating/pumping unit facilitates the use of low cost small bore rising main and ease and speed of installation means the system could be fully operational within hours of delivery.

Capacity range 1.7 and 4.0m3/h raw sewage at pressures up to 3.0 bar.


Mutrators © /Compact Mutrator © Packaged Pump Stations
The system of finely macerating and pumping raw sewage from collection points to discharge into main sewers or treatment plant. On many high head pumping duties, Mutrators can consume less than 50% of the energy of conventional centrifugal sewage pumps.

Capacity range 0 -15m3/h raw sewage.


Munchpump © Packages
Project specific or complete packaged integral pump station including GRP kiosk and base. Duty only or duty standby sewage pumps and Munchers, the high head capability of the pump makes the system ideal for use in rural or remote sites, pumping over long distances in small bore pipework providing the ideal feed to biological treatment plants.

Capacity range 0 - 400m3/h raw sewage at pressures up to 72 bar.

Screens & Grinders

Dynamic Screens

L Series Discreen

L Series Discreen ©
A range of dynamic screens, self cleaning and requiring no routine maintenance. The inherent self cleaning characteristics result in consistent head losses under normal operating conditions. A modular design concept is utilised throughout the range. Available with either engineered polymer or stainless steel wetted rotating parts.

Available in 2.5, 5.00, and 9.00mm apertures.

Capacity range 0-13,400m3/h.



A flow powered, self cleaning screen that requires no electrical installation or running costs. Designed as an economic solution for storm overflows at inlet and chamber applications, this new design of screen offers you low maintenance combined with efficient and effective screening.

Capacity range 0-810 I/sec per 2m length.

SB Muncher ©
Being a high torque, slow speed (65rpm), twin shaft grinder, it provides the ultimate solution for pump protection in small to medium sized pump stations. It comes with a three year unconditional warranty when installed to our recommendations.

Capacity range 0-60m3/h raw sewage.

Series A Muncher

Series A Muncher ©
A range of high torque, slow speed grinders for open-channel installations. The slow speed (typically 65rpm), ensures low wear rates, whilst the high torque capability enables the unit to effectively process the solids present in today's sewage, protecting all downstream processes and equipment.

Capacity range 0 -880m3/h raw sewage.

TR Muncher ©
The next generation in twin shaft grinders. The design reduces maintenance and repair downtime costs. Major features include, no bottom seals and bearings, built in trash trap and pull back cutter cartridge.

Capacity range 0 - 500m3/h raw sewage, operating pressure up to 6.0 bar.

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